Unique places to frame your art in Melbourne

Custom framing options in Melbourne

These businesses in and around Melbourne are not your normal picture framers - these establishments create art to keep your art in.

This list is created with places I have found that offer a fresh and stylish way to display your art.


Name: Forman Picture Framing

Location: Burwood

Website: http://formanpictureframing.com.au/custom-framing/

What makes them special? Sleek and refined, these frames will make your art sing along in harmony together.

Name: Wilma Art Framing

Location: Collingwood

Website: http://wilmaframing.com.au/

What makes them special? Need something different? Wilma offer Tasmanian oak and play on "..notions of contrast and perspective.." in other words - super cool colour highlights!

Name: United Measures

Location: Collingwood

Website: http://unitedmeasures.com/

What makes them special? Their signature spline detail, contrast pops of colours make a statement in a small amazing way. They do awe inspiring perspex box frames too for 3D works or a little more drama.


United Measures Framing Melbourne Signature Spline Detail United Measures Framing Melbourne Perspex Frame

(Photos taken by United Measures and used with permission)

Name: Omnus Framing

Location: Fitzroy

Website: http://www.omnusframing.com.au/framing/

What makes them special? This hard to find framer* is a little gem and whats really exciting is that they use "..locally grown and sustainably harvested raw timbers". All timbers are hand stained and waxed on site so you know there's a little extra personal touch to your frame.

*It took a while sifting through all the google but I found these guys under "bespoke framers"

Name: Neo Frames

Location: Collingwood

Website: http://neoframes.com.au/picture-frames/

What makes them special? "..in contemporary gallery and museum style framing. Hand finished and crafted to size, our picture frames are made from Australian hardwood." 

Name: Ernest Framing

Location: Newport

Website: http://www.erneststudio.com.au/Ernest-Framing-1

What makes them special? I stumbled upon these beautiful frames on Instagram. Aside from the beautiful corner details they have a new type of frame with more glass around the artworks so they look like they are floating!

Do you have a favourite framer in Melbourne that are craftsmen and create works of art? Contact me so I can add them!